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Are you serious about making long term changes to your body and your lifestyle?

Our plans are available in 4 week, 12 week and 24 week packages, tailored to meet your goals.

We also offer menopause packages and “off the shelf” 4 week fat blast packages to get you started if you would prefer to make a start on your own

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What Makes Our Coaching Plans Unique?

● Exercise Anytime, Anywhere: It doesn’t matter when you complete your exercise, the important thing is that it gets done! Your plan will be tailored depending on whether you prefer to work out at home, outdoors, in the gym, or a mix of these.

● 1:1 Support: I am available 7 days a week to give you all the support and encouragement you need to reach your goals. We have weekly check-ins to keep you accountable and celebrate your progress so far.

● Focus on Nutrition, Not Dieting: You can’t perform to the best of your ability in any area of your life if you aren’t getting the calories you need. We want you to feel empowered, energised, and motivated, not hungry.

● Tailored To Suit Your Lifestyle: Whether you’re taking care of your kids, working long hours, preparing for a special event or struggling with the changes to your body and mind due to the menopause, your plan will be designed to fit your existing commitments and lifestyle. This means you can stay on track even when things get especially crazy and hectic.

5 Steps To Success:

1. Initial Consultation: We will discuss your goals, lifestyle, and any questions you may have.

2. Access the App: You will be given access to our Phillips Fitness app. This lets you take control of your progress and start developing a healthier lifestyle.

3. Get Started: Your new exercise plans, workouts, and habits will all be visible in the app so you can see exactly what needs to be done and when, in order for you to achieve your goals.

4. Stay on Track: You will log your daily nutrition and exercise on the app. This keeps you accountable on a daily basis and lets me see how you’re getting on.

5. Celebrate Your Progress: We have a check-in every week with weigh-in, measurements and progress photographs to discuss your progress and to stay on top of any issues and at the end of each cycle, we will review your progress and reflect on how far you have come.

6. Menopause Packages: Include additional 1-2-1 support dealing with symptoms at no additional cost.

Very supportive, any help or questions and you’ve got it covered! Couldn’t have achieved what I have without your help, knowledge and motivation.

Ms G

Let’s create something beautiful together.

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