Change Your Nutrition Habits Forever

Within my coaching packages you are provided with the tools to change and control your nutrition, whilst still eating your favourite foods. We always factor “non-negotiables” into you plan.

You will not “diet”. Instead you will eat your “normal” foods and we will tweak these each week until you are eating your weight loss calories and macros, having learned a healthy lifestyle change step by step and ingrained new habits, without even realising the change until it has happened.

You will always know how to get back on track after a night out or meal out and when we hit those goals, you will know how to maintain your new body and lifestyle, forever, being in complete control of your diet.

At first we will see how many calories you should be eating to deficit 1lb-2lb per week.

This is the recommended amount for healthy weight loss, to keep off the fat and to ensure you do not lose muscle.

We will then track what you are having and see what your current eating habits include and any bad habits you have developed.

We will know which habits we need to work on so we can adopt and form new habits.

Week by week we work on how we can adapt ingredients, meals and habits around your lifestyle so you are not overwhelmed and those habits will form before you know it, while you are enjoying your “normal” life.

This alongside your exercise plan and staying accountable with me 7 days per week, will ensure you hit those goals and as your habits are changing, this will be a lifestyle change you will adopt forever.

Nutrition only packages are available you can book a free consultation at

£24.99 – Recipe Pack Collection

(included for free with coaching packages)

white and brown cooked dish on white ceramic bowls

My recipe packs are included within all packages providing ideas for breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner and smoothies.

The calorie and macro information, meal planner and guides included, make for an organised nutrition plan, completely within your control.

I believe in helping clients control their own nutrition but with help and advice, step by step, to change unhealthy habits. They can still eat foods they like and enjoy but are learning what foods are working with and against their body and lifestyle goals.

Kelly has helped me so much with her knowledge, expertise and passion for results.  I really couldn’t have started and continued this journey without her input. I have learned so much, not just about myself but what is needed to obtain results. It totally works. It’s not just about investing in someone’s business – it’s about investing in yourself and your health. Kelly has given me so much support and nothing is ever too much trouble. She has a genuine drive and passion for taking care of you and helping you achieve your goals.  I have now lost over 3 stones and could not have achieved this without her help.

Mrs B

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