I am proud to announce my collaboration with Jane Clark, Clinical Hypnotherapist at Hypnoquility who specialises in helping with difficulties or blocks in the way of your weight loss journey.

Jane provides an online service which is very effective.

Many people like the convenience of not having to travel, and enjoy being treated in the comfort of their own home.

To find out more about online therapy look here.

Most of us have tried to lose weight or have been on a diet at some time in our lives. Whether we are obese or just need to lose a few pounds, there are often a few difficulties or blocks in the way.

Different methods suit different people. Perhaps you would like a bit of help with some hypnotherapy to make it a little easier for you, and get you motivated and successful. For many a four week plan of hypnotherapy is the start of a successful weight loss journey, which can be added-on if required.

Some people prefer the idea of a Virtual Gastric Band which works like a real gastric band and some people love the idea of HypnoFasting which is a combination of Intermittent Fasting and hypnosis. Jane is able to combine a variety of methods to use what will work for you.

So have a think about what would suit you and your lifestyle, and if you like, you can book for a free enquiry call where Jane can discuss the different methods and work out which one would be right for you and quote code HYPFIT to receive a reduction on Jane’s hypnotherapy weight loss packages

“From my first appointment I was made to feel welcome and given hope that I could get back to the person I desperately wanted to be……”.

“I attended hypnotherapy with Jane to deal with anxiety around food and body image. Jane is such a wonderful lady who is caring and understanding. I had such traditional views of hypnotherapy when I was first researching a local hypnotherapist however, Jane has completely changed my understanding of this and how the brain can learn to cope in situations. Not only did she provide me with the traditional hypnotherapy I was expecting but she also introduced me to ‘BLAST’. Having never heard of BLAST therapy before I was intrigued as to whether it would work and honestly, it is the therapy I never knew I needed. Jane was so patient with me, working through previous memories to remove the negative self-talk and feelings of worry, upset, sadness and anxiety surrounding those memories that were impacting my life. I am a big advocate of BLAST therapy and would advise people considering hypnotherapy to try this alongside the traditional treatments. Jane has worked so hard with me to relieve the uncomfortable feelings I was feeling on weekly if not daily basis and for that I will be forever grateful. Jane has given me the emotional relief I needed in order to start to believe that I can now consider starting a family safely and (hopefully) naturally.

Jane Clark

Clinical Hypnotherapist


Hello I’m Jane. I am a hypnotherapist, a wife, a mother to two fabulous grown-ups, and a granny to two beautiful little baby girls. I have history and a life story which has shaped me, and built me into a happy and contented woman. I am very fortunate that I have the drive and enthusiasm that has allowed me an exciting life, with 3 careers, a love of travel, and a happy disposition.

I love my job as a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist and enjoy helping people make positive and lasting changes to their lives. I am passionate about helping people find effective ways to manage their minds and their emotions, and help them move forward with positivity.

Below is my journey to where I am now:

I started out by training to be a nurse and then quickly went on to do my midwifery training and spent a fantastic 10 years as a midwife., I enjoyed the responsibility of running a busy labour ward, and loved the buzz and activity, as well as the babies!

When my two children were growing up I needed to work around their school hours so I decided to make a change. This was my first career change.

I retrained as a pianist and then became a piano teacher, which led to 20 fabulous years working with children. I spent most of that time not only teaching young children to play the piano but also fostering the love of music in them. We always had so much fun and giggles as well as lots of lovely music making!

During a period of illness I was recommended hypnotherapy. I was so impressed with its effects that I trained as a hypnotherapist myself. For the first few years after qualifying I did a balancing act between being a teacher and a therapist, but decided in 2018 to completely change over to hypnotherapy and to embark on another full career journey.

I have always loved change and I was ready for my new adventure. I invite you to come and visit me in my online treatment room, and see how we can change your life and I can assure you it doesn’t need to include learning your scales or changing careers!

Below I have listed more of a hypnotherapy career biography, so if you are interested in how I got my therapy skills look below

  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma awarded by the National Hypnotherapy Council
  • Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy awarded by the Association of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy
  • Diploma of Medical Hypnotherapy awarded by the Clinical Hypnotherapy School
  • I am a key lecturer and mentor at the Clinical Hypnotherapy School, helping guide students as they study for their medical diploma
  • I keep up to date with the hypnotherapy field and attend regular Continuing Professional -Development courses, as well as attending major conferences in the UK and USA
  • I volunteer at The Florence Nightingale Hospice in Stoke Mandeville
  • Hypnoquility was awarded Best Business of 2020 by Three Best

I have also completed many courses to enhance my basic learning such as Hypno Oncology, The BLAST Technique, IEMT, HypnoFasting, Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) Kinetic Shift, Dr Muss Rewind Technique, Virtual Gastric Band, and more.


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