How I Changed My Life….and How You Can Too

I was an exhausted working Mum who never had enough hours in the day.

Balancing the demands of my job alongside caring for my family meant that I spent many years neglecting my own health and wellbeing.

I didn’t have the time or energy to prepare nutritious food and often ended up grabbing a takeaway on the way home or eating something unhealthy from the freezer and despite my best efforts, I struggled to stick to an exercise routine and felt that my fitness goals were unachievable.

As my children grew older, I found myself suffering from health problems and forced myself to start going to the gym after work when I could, which is where I began to learn the art of discipline.

Discovering My Passion

At the gym, I discovered that I had a real passion for resistance training. I set a goal and started using any spare time I had to coach myself to my first body-building competition which was a goal for my 40th birthday and alongside this I qualified as a Personal Trainer alongside my full-time job at a legal firm managing a fast paced department.

Making the time to do something I enjoyed had a powerful effect on my overall well-being, and I now had enough energy to take care of my family, do my job, and reach my fitness goals. I quit the job that sucked the life out of me and I decided I wanted more than anything, to help women like me enjoy a similar transformation in their own lives and Phillips Fitness was born.

I am now also a L4 Nutrition Coach certified by the Royal Society for Public Health and a certified expert in treating, training and nurturing women going into menopause as well as additional qualifications in mental health, behaviour change, nutrition and weight management.

I can provide my ladies with every tool they need to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals, whatever they may be and going through Perimenopause myself I can completely relate and help at the same time.

The most rewarding part of my job is seeing happiness and new life forming, women excited for their future and just loving who they have become instead of dreading becoming another year older or worried about gaining another pound. It is the mindset changes that make a massive difference to peoples lives and who doesn’t want to live their best life!

Helping Busy Women Smash Their Fitness Goals

It is never too late to transform your body and your lifestyle.

I understand how hard it is to fit exercise around a busy lifestyle and that is why my packages are designed completely bespoke to you.

Everyone has the power to smash their weight loss and fitness goals.

Ready to change your life? Find out more about the packages I offer here or contact me directly to discuss a bespoke package.

Everyone would like a magic wand waving so you can just be where you need to be, but that’s not real life.  Not everyone will love every element of a plan that puts you out of your comfort zone but how can I not have enjoyed learning so much and actually achieving losing over 3 stone. Hard work, determination (on both our parts) and your expertise has achieved a life changing experience for me and one that will stay with me forever

Mrs B

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