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‘No matter your age or size, I want you to wake up every day feeling confident, powerful, strong, happy and healthy. To learn you can change old habits and find the time to achieve whatever goals you have. Invest in yourself and your healthy body and mind – forever.’

Kelly Phillips – Owner of Phillips Fitness

Feel Confident, Powerful and Healthy

I help busy women make long-term changes to their bodies, mindset and lifestyle.

My programs are designed around your unique needs and can be done anywhere, including from the comfort of your home. You do not need a gym membership.

Whether you’re looking to get fit, lose weight, increase your energy levels, or boost your overall happiness and wellbeing, I can help.

Discover the packages that I offer here or get in touch to start your journey today.

Learn that you can eat foods you like and still lose weight

Enjoy our quick and easy recipe packs


Fitness & Nutrition Specialist

I am a certified expert in treating, training and nurturing women going into menopause

Women going into perimenopause are the fastest growing sector in the healthcare and fitness market and that is why I believe it is important to learn about their specific needs and provide every bit of help that I can during what can be a difficult time.

Find out more about how I can help and the packages available.

Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss

Jane Clark


I am excited to be collaborating with Clinical Hypnotherapist, Jane Clark who can help you to overcome any issues which have contributed to weight gain, such as stress, anxiety, eating disorders or trauma. Jane can work on your mindset with you, whilst I help you lose the excess weight and become the fit, happy, healthy and self confident individual you deserve to be.

Find out more about Jane’s services

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Receive a reduction on coaching packages and hypnotherapy sessions when booked together

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